Telescopic is a special cushioning system, the result of the most advanced innovation applied to high-performance soles. It has double cushioning that absorbs the impact of the foot, reducing the pressure and distributing the pressures stabilizing the footprint, neutralizing the impacts and pressures when walking. This system harnesses the energy generated to drive the next step.

One of the characteristics of the Telescopic system is that it is independent of the contour of the sole, allowing great steering flexibility and angle torsion at all times.

Telecopic provides maximum cushioning and comfort, no need for pads or air capsules. Thanks to its ergonomics adaptable to the plantar anotomy, it adjusts to each morphology. Absorbing impact energy and reducing joint fatigue, preventing micro-trauma to the foot.

This technology is very versatile as it adapts to any type of footwear, guaranteeing high comfort in any trade or performance. It can also be manufactured in a wide range of materials such as TPU, TR, RUBBER AND EVA. Providing ease to each client according to their needs.